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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact a bookkeeper?

As soon as you set up your business, you will need a bookkeeper to help get your books up and running efficiently.

If you are a sole trader below the VAT threshold, we won't have to touch base so frequently.

However, once you are required to pay VAT (once your turnover exceeds 85,000 per annum) or you take on staff, and need payroll, you will likely need a bookkeepers help each month.

I will then help you to organised your books, on a month by month basis. Process your books in to accountancy software (xero, Quickbooks, or alternative) so they are ready for your tax computations. Saving you time and money.

What are the advantages of having a bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper will save you money by organising all of your VAT returns, pay roll and paper work for the year, ready to be transferred to an accountant at year end. Rather than paying a hefty fee to the accountant to do this for you. Accountants often charge very high fees for both bookkeeping and statutory accounts.

A bookkeeper will communicate with you on a frequent basis, so will have a good understanding of your business health ahead of time, enabling them to give you advice as it is needed.

I can help you make good business decisions by analysing your financial status.

I will also complete and submit your Self Assessment Tax Return, ready for you to pay your tax or possibly receive a rebate in good time!

Why not get a quote for my competitively priced services?

How can I know which bookkeeper is right for me?

Does your bookkeeper return your calls? Do you feel comfortable asking them a question? Do you feel heard? With the right bookkeeper, the answers should be a resounding "Yes!"

I will always make your business health my priority. I am friendly, responsive, and always open to expanding my client base in to new sectors.

Although I only take business calls in working hours, I will check my emails regularly for any queries and respond quickly, to put your mind at ease. No question is a silly question!

How can I make my bookkeepers job quicker?

The number one tip is: Have a business bank account.

Use this for all business purchases, and have your sales income paid in to this account too.

This saves on a lot of time analysing personal expenses and income, and will save you money in bookkeeping fees.

Keep folders of receipts, and sales invoices, for your VAT returns. File these by their quarter or month. File important paperwork as you receive or create it. Don't leave it until there is an overwhelming pile to sort through.

What software do you use and what if I don't have it?

I primarily use Xero, but am also trained in Sage cloud, Quickbooks, Quickfile, Free Agent, amongst others. All of these are very modern and user friendly.

With Hub Doc, automated receipt software, you can quickly snap photos of your receipts or invoices, and load them in to Xero. I can then analyse these much faster. It also means you've saved a trip to the office to bring in your paperwork, utilising your time for earning.Whilst paying less on bookkeeping fees.

If you don't use Xero but would like to transfer over, I can give you the necessary training at twice my normal hourly rate, as I am fully certified as a xero advisor.

What are my options for raising money?

Get some impartial advice from an accountant before you consult the bank.

A bank will want to see a strong business plan and organized records.

Let me help you by organising all your paper work, giving your accountant a clear indication of the financial health and stability of your business, making it more likely that you will be investible.



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